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Tax created crimes
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An email I received

This page shows crimes that are created by Government through its ignorant tax laws:

An article in the Los Angeles Times 2007-0530 reports as follows:
Accountants, IRS lawyer indicted

NEW YORK - A former top Internal Revenue Service lawyer and three other Ernst & Young partnersreduced taxes for Americans making $10 million or more with a fraud that even used the Sept.11, 2001 terrorist attacks to disguise their lies, according to an indictment charging the men.
      The four current and former partners of the giant accounting firm were arrested Wednesday and charged with fraud and other crimes relating to tax shelters that were devised beginning in early 1998, the indictment unsealed in U.S. Diostrict Court in Manhattan said. All the defendants pleaded not guilty.
The following smacks of Gestapo tactics and this Lawyer created business in cahoots with the IRS could only be created because of the ignorant tax laws and ignorant methods of taxation. Following is the website address:

Government Fraud:

Every year, corrupt organizations cheat the federal government out of billions of taxpayer's dollars.

If you suspect any person or company is defrauding the government, don't be afraid to report it. Not only is it is the right thing to do, you may be entitled to a significant reward often totaling millions of dollars (see Financial Rewards). The most common types of fraud include; Medicare & Medicaid Fraud, Pharmaceutical Fraud, Nursing Home Fraud, Defense Contractor Fraud, Contractor Fraud and Fraudulent Loans & Grants.

We take whistleblower claims on a contingency which means the attorney only receives a percentage of what we recover for the client. There are no hourly fees, expenses or other costs. If there is no recovery, the client is not responsible for any attorney's fees or other expenses.

All information will be kept private and confidential and used for the sole purpose of evaluating your case. Furthermore the Whistleblower law provides protection for the individual who reports the fraud (see Your Protection).

Please complete the following form for free confidential client evaluation
Following is "advertising" by the IRS on their web-page trying to discourage against tax evasion schemes. Fact is that the IRS is indirectly the creator of tax evasion (illegal) and tax avoidance (legal) schemes by having created this 65,000 page nonsense in the first place. If the Government were to adopt a tax system as proposed on this website then 99% of all tax evasion and avoidance ould disappear and we would have a more honest nation to boot where taxpayers would not waste their time to try to find legal and illegal loopholes and where the IRS would not have to waste the taxpayers money to go after the cheaters. There are plenty of links on the IRS site that explain all the types of tax fraud the IRS has to waste the taxpayers money on and the IRS also invites citizens to turn other citizens in for suspected tax fraud. What a nice Gestapo touch. We did not want this country to be turned into that kind of society by the IRS, but nothing is done to reverse the trend. Get rid of this dumb and almost criminal tax system and replace it with a sensible and highly practical system that will restore dignity and keep all the people honest by decriminalizing the tax system (*the tax related crime reduction will be 99% with the minutest amount of evasion and zero avoidance left). This will also help to restore respect to the Government. Following the anti evasion "advertisements" and threats on the IRS website. Follow the links and enjoy:

Tax Fraud Alerts

IRS Wants You to Know About Schemes, Scams and Cons
"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" Seek expert advice before you subscribe to any scheme that offers instant wealth or exemption from your obligation as a United States Citizen to pay taxes. Buying into a tax evasion scheme can be very costly.

Corporate Fraud
Criminal Investigation is involved in most of the regional corporate fraud task forces because of our financial investigative expertise.  Also, corporate fraud frequently involves violations of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) through falsification of corporate and individual tax returns and CI has exclusive investigatory jurisdiction over criminal violations of the IRC. 

Money Laundering
Money laundering is a very complex crime involving intricate details, often involving numerous financial transactions and financial outlets throughout the world. Criminal Investigation has the financial investigators and expertise that is critical to “follow the money trail.”

General Tax Fraud
The efforts of Criminal Investigation are directed at the portion of American taxpayers who willfully and intentionally violate their known legal duty of voluntarily filing income tax returns and/or paying the correct amount of income, employment, or excise taxes. These individuals pose a serious threat to tax administration and the American economy.

Abusive Return Preparer
Taxpayers should be very careful when choosing a tax preparer. You should be as careful as you would in choosing a doctor or a lawyer.

Abusive Tax Schemes
Abusive tax scheme originally took the structure of abusive domestic and foreign trust arrangements.  However, these schemes have evolved into sophisticated arrangements that take advantage of the financial secrecy laws of some foreign jurisdictions and the availability of credit/debit cards issued from offshore financial institutions.

Nonfiler Enforcement
There have always been individuals who, for a variety of reasons, argue taxes are voluntary or illegal.  The courts have repeatedly rejected their arguments as frivolous and routinely impose financial penalties for raising such frivolous arguments.  Take the time to learn the truth about frivolous tax arguments.

Employment Tax Enforcement
Employment tax evasion schemes can take a variety of forms. Some of the more prevalent methods of evasion include pyramiding, employee leasing, paying employees in cash, filing false payroll tax returns or failing to file payroll tax returns.

Program and Emphasis Areas for Criminal Investigation
Criminal Investigation has categorized their investigative cases into specific program and emphasis areas of fraud. Examples of case summaries written from public record documents where cases were prosecuted can be viewed on the various program and emphasis area web pages.

Tax Scams - How to Recognize and Avoid Them
To help the public recognize and avoid abusive tax schemes, the IRS offers an abundance of educational materials. Participating in an illegal scheme to avoid paying taxes can result in imprisonment and fines, as well as the repayment of taxes owed with penalties and interest. Education is the best way to avoid the pitfalls of these “too good to be true” tax scams.

All About Criminal Investigation (CI)
Criminal Investigation (CI) is the law enforcement arm of the IRS and serves the American public by investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and related financial crimes in a manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law.

Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity!
If you have information about an individual or company you suspect is not complying with the tax law, report this activity.